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Welcome to Morphis Document Clearning Services, one of the leading company formation consultants in Dubai. With over 20 years of experience, we are your trusted partners in starting and growing your business in the bustling city of Dubai.

Our expert team at Morphis Document Clearning Services understands the intricacies of company formation in Dubai and offers personalized solutions to meet your specific needs. From business licensing to visa and PRO services, we provide comprehensive assistance throughout the process. We pride ourselves on delivering simple, quick, and risk-free solutions that prioritize your company registration. Trust Morphis Document Clearning Services for seamless and efficient company formation in Dubai.

Business Setup in Dubai

Learn more about company setup in Dubai, UAE

If you are looking for a truly dynamic business hub to set up your new company, Dubai is the right place for you – and for many reasons.

Dubai caters to entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and giant multinational corporations with the same levels of ease, efficiency, speed, and service. Furthermore, multiple choices are available for every aspect of business setup in Dubai, UAE: budget, license, location, and premises.

Company Formation in Dubai spells out several big benefits that include tax savings, good governance, superior infrastructure, premium lifestyle, and constantly developing opportunities. Another unique offering is the easy access to more than 2 billion consumers in multiple markets, all located within a 4-hour flight. Dubai’s enviable location also results in an international and vastly multicultural workforce.

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Why Set Up Your Business in the UAE?

Setting up a business in Dubai is a smart decision in today’s global economy. The UAE offers a thriving business environment, a strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and a dynamic market. Morphis Document Clearning Services is here to assist you every step of the way. Our team of experts will provide customized and reliable solutions to help you establish your business in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. With our support, you will gain access to a range of services, including company incorporation, and more. Let Morphis Document Clearning Services help you set up your business in Dubai and take advantage of all the benefits that the UAE has to offer.

What are the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai?

Dubai is popularly known as the ‘Silicon Valley of the Middle East’. It is the hub of entrepreneurs, startups, agency owners and conglomerates. Setting up a business in Dubai comes with various advantages:

  • Offshore and free zones companies are awarded with 0% corporate taxes.
  • Dubai company set up cost is very meager as compared to other regions in the Middle East.
  • Any new company registration in Dubai has the advantage of gaining access to a large market.
  • Women entrepreneurs can start their dream business without any hassle.

The Process of Business Setup in Dubai

The simplified version of business setup in Dubai lies in the following 5 steps:

Get on a call with our experts and share some basic information like business requirements, legal structure, office space, and shareholder details. This will help us guide you better in your business set up process. The best business setup companies in Dubai require least and provide maximum.

You can either choose to trade in mainland UAE or opt for free zones. Both have tremendous benefits for every industry. If not, you can try out the offshore region to trade outside of UAE.

Make the necessary arrangements for Application Form, Lease and Tenancy Agreements, Memorandum of Association, among others. The rest of the requirements will be taken care of by our team.

Specific visa requirements for you and your staff, as well as your dependents will vary according to jurisdiction and business activity. Our experts will assist you in every step for a smooth walk to the UAE.

It is a must to have a corporate bank account to open a company in Dubai or the UAE. Depending on your requirements and financial situation, you can opt for national, international or digital banks. Rest will be taken care of by our team and you can be rest assured of your welcome to the UAE.

What Are Eligible Business Under Company setup in Dubai?

Morphis Document Clearning Services, we offer comprehensive services to help you successfully set up a company in the UAE. With expertise in company formation, our team can guide you through the process of establishing a business in Dubai. There are numerous eligible business options available for entrepreneurs in Dubai, ranging from professional services to trading and e-commerce activities like:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Free Zone Company
  • Branch Office
  • Partnership offices
  • Onshore and offshore office

Our experts will assist you in identifying the most suitable business activity for your venture and ensure compliance with the legal requirements. With our extensive knowledge of the UAE business landscape, we aim to make the company setup journey in Dubai exciting and hassle-free.

Free zone v/s Mainland Business Setup

For the purpose of company registration in Dubai, you have to decide whether you want to establish your company on the mainland or in a free zone. When considering a new business setup services in Dubai, location is a key decision. Low Cost Business Setup in UAE is possible at one of Dubai’s many specialized free zones, or on the mainland (sometimes referred to as onshore).

In 1985, Dubai launched Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) as the first free zone in the UAE and the Middle East. The small operation opened with only 19 companies, but within a decade became the first free zone in the world to be awarded ISO certification. The JAFZA success story became the blueprint for several free zones, each offering strategic benefits and advantages. These free zones house thousands of foreign individual and institutions who have successfully set up Branch or 100% owned company in Dubai.

In 2021, changes were made to the UAE Commercial Companies Law, allowing a foreigner, group of foreigners, or a foreign company to have 100% fully owned businesses in the UAE, subject to certain rules. The Dubai Government quickly announced 100% foreign ownership status for more than 1,000 commercial and industrial activities in the emirate.

As a result of these changes, some long-established businesses on the mainland are amending their ownership pattern while numerous others are pursuing new business formation in Dubai.

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        The UAE provides a helpful environment for various small business projects. Some popular options include consultancy services, e-commerce startups, food and beverage outlets, IT services, freelancing, tourism-related businesses, and more. We offer tailored direction to help you understand the possibility, legal requirements, and steps involved in starting your chosen business.

        PRO Services, or Public Relations Officer services, in the UAE refer to assistance provided by experts in handling administrative tasks and government-related procedures for businesses. These services include visa processing, document clearance, government liaison, compliance with regulations, and more.

        A PRO (Public Relations Officer) in the UAE mainly deals with government departments and agencies, managing documentation, easing visa applications, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, assisting in company formation, and directing with various entities for smooth business operations.

        Immigration to the UAE involves various visa categories based on employment, investment, family sponsorship, and more. To immigrate, you’ll typically need a sponsor, such as an employer or family member, to facilitate your visa application. Understanding the specific visa requirements and procedures is crucial. Our document clearing services can assist you in navigating through the immigration process smoothly.

        Finding a Freelance Visa in the UAE involves several steps. Typically, you need to set up a company or work under a freelance permit provided by specific free zones. The process includes registering with the respective authorities, acquiring necessary permits, and fulfilling financial requirements. Our document clearing services streamline this process by support with paperwork, government approvals, and guiding you through the necessary steps.

        The labor force in the UAE refers to the total number of individuals, both nationals and expatriates, who are either employed or actively seeking employment within the country. It encompasses workers across various industries and sectors contributing to the economy.

        Getting local sponsorship in Dubai typically involves partnering with a UAE national or a local company who acts as a sponsor for your business. This sponsorship is mandatory for certain types of business entities in the UAE. Document clearing services can assist in identifying suitable local sponsors, negotiating sponsorship agreements, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

        Trade licenses in the UAE are typically valid for one year or three years, depending on the type of license and the issuing authority. Renewal is required before the expiration date to continue business operations legally.

        To avail of the 50% discount on traffic fines, Dubai periodically announces an amnesty program. This program typically offers reduced penalties on fines incurred before a specified date. Stay updated with official announcements from the Dubai government or traffic authorities to participate in such amnesty programs.

        To obtain a tenancy contract in the UAE, you typically need to coordinate with the landlord or real estate agency handling the property. Upon agreement, the contract is prepared detailing the terms of the lease, including rent, duration, and other pertinent clauses. Engaging a reputable document clearing service can facilitate the drafting, attestation, and registration of your tenancy contract as per legal requirements.